4 More New Cosmetics Ingredients soon can be used in China Cosmetic Products

NMPA announced on Dec. 02, 2021, according to the “Regulations on Cosmetics Hygiene Supervision” and other relevant regulations, after the evaluation of the cosmetics review expert committee, ETHYL LAUROYL ARGINATE HCL, METHOXY  PEG-23  METHACRYLATE/GLYCERYL DIISOSTEARATE METHACRYLATE  COPOLYMER CALCIUM PHOSPHORYL OLIGOSACCHARIDES Steareth-200 in total 4 raw materials meet the technical review requirements for new cosmetic raw materials, and it is planned to approve their use as cosmetic raw materials. We now solicit opinions from the public. Please send your feedback to [email protected] before December 10, 2020. Attachment: Technical requirements for ETHYL LAUROYL ARGINATE HCLTechnical requirements for METHOXY  PEG-23  METHACRYLATE/GLYCERYL DIISOSTEARATE METHACRYLATE…

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