6 Crucial Points You Must Know about Cosmetics Registration in China after May 1st.

In less than a month, your familiar cosmetics regulation in China could be turned over and refresh your perspective totally. It all starts with the new regulation “Management Standards for Cosmetics Registration and Filing Documents” which is about to be implemented on May 1st and brought numerous changes to your cosmetics business. You may read all over the internet to get solid information and prepare for the changes but still can not get it straight.  Now we refined the essentials from whole complex regulation articles into SIX key points for members.

1. Unified Dossiers

First of all, thanks to the new regulation unifies the data requirements for special cosmetics and general cosmetics, it lists the necessary dossiers as following: 

(1) “Application Form of Cosmetics Registration and Notification” and related materials;

(2) Product Name;

(3) Product Formula ;

(4) The implementation of product standards;

(5) Product label and package;

(6) Testing reports (exempted for general cosmetics);

(7) Product Safety Assessment Report

2. A New Responsible Person Account

According to the new cosmetics regulations, the responsible person shall apply a new account on the new cosmetics notification and registration system which will be online on May 1st as well. 

The application documents include “Application Form of Cosmetics Registration and Notification” and related materials;  

Instead of the application form, we should pay the most attention to the related materials which the requirements include the most important of the change. New Required materials that are emphasized as follows:

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