A New Era For Oversea Cosmetics In China? Cruelty-Free Brands Now Entering: The Body Shop. Aesop. & More.

While the Gate Is Open !

Support News: China Animal Testing Free in Conditions since May 1st, 2021

From May 1st, imported general cosmetics will be exempted from animal testing.” 

As soon as the “Regulations on the Administration of Registration and Filing of New Cosmetics” were issued by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) of China, There were some international cosmetics brands that responded to the opportunity immediately. 

Recently, Brazilian beauty group Natura&Co revealed in the 2020 Q4 financial report that its British brand “The Body Shop” and Australian brand “Aesop” will enter the Chinese market and will complete product notification (filing) in China in the first half of this year. Previously, the above two brands did not officially enter the Chinese market because they did not meet the requirements for animal testing of imported cosmetics. 

Does this mean a new round of imported beauty brands coming to China?

According to the “Regulations on Supervision and Hygiene of Cosmetics” promulgated by the health administration department of the State Council in 1989, China has always required all imported beauty and personal care brands to conduct animal testing on their products. This has turned away many imported cosmetics brands that oppose animal testing specially after EU totally banned the animal testing on 2013. 

In recent years, China Cosmetics management departments have begun to gradually relax restrictions on imported cosmetic products.

In 2014, China no longer requires domestic made non-special use cosmetics to undergo animal testing, but still requires all imported cosmetics and domestic special-use products to do the animal testing to ensure product safety. 

Four years later, Cruelty Free International (CFI, “International Anti-Animal Testing Organization”) has reached a cooperation with relevant Chinese authorities to take measures to exempt imported cosmetics from animal testing in China and help more “no animal testing” “International beauty brands enter the Chinese market. 

In January of this year, the French Federation of Beauty Businesses (FEBEA) stated that France will become the first EU country where general cosmetics can be exported to China exempted from animal testing by issuing the official goverment GMP certificate which is only acceptable certificate for China animal testing free policy. “The Chinese authorities have agreed to French shampoo, shower gel, blush, mascara, Personal care and beauty products such as perfume no longer need to be tested on animals before entering the Chinese market.” 

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