Insights: The category you underestimated may becoming a hot territory in China

A Probiotic mouthwash line of an oral care brand has achieved sales of over 100 million RMB in 80 days.

Products such as cleaning, makeup removal, and oral care in the cosmetics field with fewer functions and normal attributes may not raise you much attention when you are developing products. However, such categories of products are about to become a huge opportunity territory and may generate a new batch of big brands in China.

Why are they?

Efficacy Testing Exemption

First of all, according to the Cosmetics supervision and administration regulation (CSAR) make it very clear that in the future, most of the cosmetics claims and functions are necessary to submit efficacy testing before going to market. However, the “Evaluation Standards for Cosmetic Efficacy Claims” indicate that cosmetics claims which can be directly identified by the senses such as vision and smell or through the simple physical covering, adhesion, friction, etc., and the effect occurs only as physical effects will be exempted from publishing a summary of the product efficacy claims.

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