Deep Analysis of the new Children’s Cosmetics Regulation in China


  1. The three key date for the implementation of the new regulations
  2. The definition of children’s cosmetics
  3. Allowed efficacy claims of children’s cosmetics
  4. Labeling requirements for children’s cosmetics
  5. The product implementation standards of children’s cosmetics products
  6. Children’s cosmetics safety requirements
  7. Formula Design Principles
  8. Children’s toothpaste Management

On October 8, the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) issued the latest regulations on children’s cosmetics: “Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Children’s Cosmetics.” The implementation of this regulation will bring new challenges to the market access of children’s cosmetics. Cosmetics Bridge has summarized the key points of the registration of children’s cosmetics new regulations.

1. The three key dates for the implementation of the new regulations

January 1, 2022Implementation”Children’s Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations” for the labeling requirements
May 1, 2022Children’s cosmetics that new applications for registration or Notification must follow the new label requirements of the children’s regulation. 
Before May 1, 2023Children cosmetics that already applied for registration or Notification before May 1, 2022 shall complete the new regulation compliance before May 1, 2023, in accordance with the new regulations labeling requirement. 

2. The definition of children’s cosmetics

According to Article 3 of the “Children’s Regulations”, Children’s cosmetics refer to cosmetics that are suitable for children under the age of 12 (including 12 years old) and have the functions of cleansing, moisturizing, body conditioning, and sun protection. Labels like “applicable to the whole population”, “use by the whole family” and other words or use trademarks, patterns, homophones, letters, Chinese pinyin, numbers, symbols, packaging, etc. to imply that the product users include children’s products in accordance with the management of children’s cosmetics. ——–At present, adult products are often seen on the market is implied that the products are applicable for children. Such brands should special attention to this regulation now.⚠️.

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