Discussion on CBD Ban in China

It’s more like a notification in advance than a public consulting draft for this CBD cosmetics ban in my opinion. You can tell from the beginning of the notice that the policy is according to the national drug control regulation.

You may be wondering why THC-free CBD also can’t be an exemption. Why is that?

China has the most strict drug control policy worldwide. Since it has experienced the flood of opium in history, drugs represent the painful memory of the nation. So drug prohibition is the consensus and bottom line of society in China. In the long-term anti-drug promotion, it is difficult for everyone to imagine that cannabis will be linked to “culture, beauty, & lifestyle.” and also some youngman may try to break the law because of curiosity about cannabis.

Furthermore, it is difficult to manage the source of the cannabis from the plant to the manufacturing process once it comes to the consumer goods level.

Therefore, we can see clearly that the policy is not made by technical or regulatory level but more to the Social influence and public concerns from China society as well as risks of drug control.

What do you think?

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