T-mall issued the “Requirements for the Display of Cosmetic Products Labels”

In China, “Measures of the Supervision and Administration of the Production and Operation of Cosmetics” will be officially implemented in January 2022. The measures set clear requirements on the details pages of cosmetics sold online. Article 44 of the “Measures” stipulates that: cosmetics operators on e-commerce platforms and e-commerce...

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Kwai opened up Beauty and Personal Care categories for Cross-border eCommerce

On May 16th, Kwai, the second-largest short video platform in China(No.1 is Tiktok/Douyin), issued relevant rules for cross-border e-commerce. It clearly indicates that the following four categories “beauty/personal care cleaning”, “food”, “watches”, “luxury”, are now accepting cross-border e-commerce store applications. Kwai import merchants cooperation conditions Kwai import merchants must...

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Niche Perfumes can Direct flights to China, Tmall Global launched the first “perfume route”

Since perfume contains flammable substances such as alcohol, it has been banned from air transportation by many European countries. Imported perfumes are mainly imported by sea through bulk purchases. However, the more personalized and customized “niche fragrances”, the less they will be able to produce single products on a...

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