Exporting Cosmetics to Hong Kong – Regulations Overview

Hongkong Cosmetics Regulation

Hongkong cosmetic regulation

Cosmetics in Hong Kong is governed by ‘Chapter 456 Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance. It is required that a person shall not supply, manufacture or import consumer goods unless the consumer goods comply with the general safety requirement for consumer goods or the consumer goods must satisfy an approved standard if applicable.

As a free trade city, pre-market authorization is considered as a barrier to free trade. Therefore, notification or registration of cosmetic products is not required. However, the products shall meet the safety requirements of the originally manufactured country or any safety standards regulated by U.​S. Food and Drug Administ­ration (FDA) and European Union (EU) Cosmetic Directive.

Cosmetics Safety

It is important to point out that safety is assured in the manufacturing process of the products. Many manufacturers adopted the standard used in leading manufacturing countries and export destinations such as the USA, EU, and Japan. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is the main criterion that suggested to follow in order to keep the products safe.

Cosmetics Ingredients

The manufacture could use any ingredient to compose the cosmetic product, except the ingredients, are prohibited or restricted by US and EU.

Cosmetics Labeling

The labeling information shall meet the policy of an originally manufactured country or meet the requirements of the US, EU, and China.

Company Liability

The company or person responsible for placing products on the market shall take full responsibility for the product’s safety. Failure to do so will face a penalty under the stipulations of Consumer Safety Goods Ordinance.

Download: Consumer Safety Goods Ordinance in English

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