Media Exposed: The majority of Children’s Cosmetics in China is Unqualified.

Nowadays, in China, Children have their own beauty makeup box, lipstick, eye shadow, blush, nail polish, and so on just like the western kids. According to data released by Koala International in July 2020, the sale volume of children’s cosmetics increased by 300% year-on-year; in May 2020, the overall sales of children’s cosmetics increased by more than 1,200%. However, at present, there are various safety problems of children’s cosmetics on the market.

Market Chaos

CCTV recently exposed that claims and advertisments of children’s cosmetics in the markets such as “healthy”, “non-toxic”, “water-soluble formula”, “natural ingredients”, “mild and non-irritating” and “preservative-free” do not actually comply with relevant cosmetics regulations. Some of the best-selling children’s cosmetics on the market are problem products and fake cosmetics. 

According to“Guidelines for the Application and Evaluation of Children’s Cosmetics”, all cosmetics that are claimed applicable to children should be declared as children’s cosmetics in accordance with the requirements. For cosmetics that are not applied for children, the product packaging shall not be displayed or implied in any patterns or other forms as children’s cosmetics. 

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