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Be aware of using the Cosmetics Raw Material that can be Chemical weaponized

Recently, the ingredient triethanolamine has attracted the attention of many cross-border cosmetics merchants and importers in China. According to the regulations of the China...

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The Largest Cosmetics Manufacturing Province in China: Guangdong

Guangdong is the largest cosmetics province in China, and the total output value of Guangdong's cosmetics industry ranks first in the country.  Till September of...

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Taiwan FDA Amends “Safety Guidelines for Cosmetics for Children”

Released Num.: FDA No. 1111608018 Subject: Announcement to amend "Safety Guidelines for Cosmetics for Children". Basis: Article 165 of the Administrative Procedure Law. Announcements: 1. In order to...

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Vietnam Added “Deoxyarbutin” to the Prohibited Use of Cosmetics Ingredients List and More

In order to implement the ASEAN Cosmetics Agreement and the provisions of Circular No 2. Specific information about the updated content in the Annexes...

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“Preservative-Free” Claim may be banned in China

"Preservative-Free" cosmetics are at the edge of the cliff in China. Cosmetics Bridge Alerts According to the insight of the Cosmetics Bridge, the filing/Notification of China...

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