NMPA Announcement on Updating the list of Prohibited Use Cosmetics ingredients

On May 26, 2021. In order to further strengthen the management of cosmetic raw materials and ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations”, the NMPA has organized a review of the “Cosmetic Safety Technical Standards (2015 Edition)”.

In the standards, “Prohibited Cosmetics (Table 1)” and “Prohibited Plant (Animal) Components of Cosmetics (Table 2)” in Chapter 2 have been revised to form the “Catalogue of Prohibited Cosmetics ingredients”, The Catalogue of Prohibited Plant (Animal) Raw Materials for Cosmetics” has been reviewed and approved at the plenary meeting of the Cosmetic Standards Expert Committee. It is now issued to replace the original list of prohibited cosmetics ingredients and included in the “Cosmetic Safety Technical Standards (2015 Edition)”.

This announcement comes into effect on the day of its release. As of the date of this announcement, cosmetics registrants and filing persons are not allowed to produce or import product formulations that use banned materials specified in the “List of Prohibited use Cosmetics Ingredients ” and “List of Prohibited Cosmetics (Animal) Raw Materials”.

“List of Prohibited Use Cosmetic Ingredients”

“Prohibited Plant (Animal) Raw Materials for Cosmetics”


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