“Preservative-Free” Claim may be banned in China

“Preservative-Free” cosmetics are at the edge of the cliff in China. 

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According to the insight of the Cosmetics Bridge, the filing/Notification of China cosmetics brand’s new Skin Rejuvenating product was just rejected by the National Medical Products Administration(NMPA). The rejection opinions show “it is a water-based formula, but no permitted use preservatives are added, which may lead to the risk of spoilage and deterioration of the product during the shelf life. Please provide additional evidence to ensure product quality during the shelf life. “.


It should be noted that the “preservatives” mentioned in the rejection feedback refer to “permitted use preservatives”. In December 2015, China FDA (Now NMPA) issued the “Cosmetics Safety Technical Standards” (2015 Edition) in which Chapter 3, Table 4, is a list of preservatives for use in China, and a total of 51 preservatives are included. In the list, it is clearly defined the types of preservatives, the maximum allowable concentration, the scope of use, restrictions, and labeling requirements

The “Preservatives Free” claim on the market today mainly refers to the products without the above-mentioned permitted preservatives, but in fact, other ingredients have the same functions as so-called “off-table preservatives”.

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